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An Artist Full of Heart

Eldrys Siam-Eck

I am a Cuban-American Artist that paints from the Heart. My training has been LIFE and LOVE. I LOVE LIFE, and everything that encompasses these two words. My first LOVE was MUSIC, which is like Oxygen to me. After having a significant health issue, for few years of my life, I felt the need to express myself. I first started composing music, which I mostly kept to myself. After (by chance) I found an “Artist” kit in my closet, given to me by a friend, and as I began exploring the colors, canvas and brushes, I felt the need to paint, to express the joy and love in my heart for being healed. Having a second chance in life will make you a grateful person, whether you realize it or not. So then after MUSIC, ART took priority in my life, this is how “UNIQUE ART BY ELDRYS” was born. As time passed my Art evolved from the musical staves to the canvas, easels, and a myriad of surfaces. These include an empty card box, to canvas, cardboard, plastic or glass, or whatever I may get my creative hands on. My world is Colored, I see the world in bright brilliant bold colors and that is exactly how I paint, from my heart to the medium. My purpose with my Art is to enhance the lives of many as I enhance my own. Being happy and putting a smile on someone’s face is mission accomplished to me.

This is my invitation to you, to explore my World of Colors, my World of LOVE.

All is Better with color!

All is Sweeter with color!

All is Brighter with color!

All is Happier with color!



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