A Creative Artist

Kathy Farese

I have always loved and admired the world with all the colors and textures of nature. I started drawing on the playground in elementary school. Horses have always been a love of mine and I mostly liked drawing the “heads of horses”. I have also spent many years drawing graphics in pencil.

I have made a career in the Special Event Business and I’ve been involved in this work for 30 years or so. This have given me the opportunity to use whatever is on hand to create something amazing. Fabric, foam core, dense yellow foam and spray paint are a few of the “tools” of the trade of an artist in my line of work.

I have suffered with bipolar disorder for as long as I can remember and my recent medium of work has helped me immensely to slow down, relax and create.

I use “repurposed wood” and materials for all of my work. Every piece that I create is a "one of a kind." I

love to use washed up shells, wood and sea life from the beaches of Florida.

The name of my company is NEW LIFE WORKS: this not only describes my art but also the fact that God has given me a “New Life”.

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