An Amazing Interior Designer and Artist

June 26, 2017



Adrian Diaz


For as long as I can remember, I was always fascinated by color, shapes, and the ability to alter forms into my own perception. I wanted to create a series of imprints of what my world appeared to be like at any given moment in time. I would unapologetically put the vibrations of my emotions onto paper. I wanted the viewer to breath me. I've used art to express the very being of what and who I am. I was a late bloomer as a young man, especially when it came to communicating verbally. Art was my language. Through art, I learned to heal the static inside my head, and in this complicated realm called life. My name is Adrian Diaz and I was born in Boston, Massachusetts. I attended the Art Institute and majored in Interior Design. I graduated a year ago, and I am currently working in the design industry. My ultimate goal is to never stop creating. As long as I have air in my lungs I want to keep growing, and through that growth, discovering and sharing parts of my authentic self. 






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